I want to become a professional automotive racer BUT I’m broke and my dad doesn’t want me to and looking at this from my angle, he’s not ever going to pay/ lend me any money. I’m just 15 and I still have a long way to go but he doesn’t understand that. I understand the value of money and I’ve also considered taking evening shifts after school and working in the weekends, selling my artwork, becoming an entrepreneur and even getting summer jobs at my local church. I guess he’s like one of those dads who look down upon you just because you’re a girl. I told him that I wanted to buy a motorcycle when I grow older and his reply was “Haha! You?!? Do you mean to say tricycle?” He doesn’t even want me driving, let alone racing. I’ve grown tired of asking him permission for things like joining the football team, joining the soccer team and joining deca. I have no idea how I’m supposed to produce big money if no one in my family is rich. I want to become a formula 1 racer at some point in my life and that would cost me around a good 8 million bucks and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to. UGH why is life so unfair. Look at people who get born into really rich families and don’t want to do anything but where good clothes, tons of makeup, go to parties, drink and get high….I mean, what’s the point of that?!?? One day we’re all going to look at the course of our lives and wonder what we did wrong and what we could have changed. I want to look back at my life and have no regrets.