I am a product of my generation.
One minute apathetic the next minute caring and compassionate, floating above the debris left by previous generations.
The same generations who criticise us for living on our phones but who provided these amazing tools for us in the first place.
I can just about remember dial up so I remember a time before the internet truly provided anyone the chance to be heard.
A wonderful idea in principle but obviously reality always blurs the lines.
We are left to question whether constant progress in a technological sense has really been matched by our development on an emotional and physical level as human beings.
Even in my short life and I’m only 22 there’s been a sea change that would have been incomprehensible even 50 years ago.
Obviously there has been advances throughout history on a similar scale in a relative sense but I feel like we were more prepared for those changes than we are for what’s going on currently.
With social media there is a new tragedy everyday to be ‘outraged’ by and I feel on a personal level at least that any impact these terrible events would of had previously has been desensitised greatly.
Now you may think I’m one of these people famous in the Nirvana music video comment sections who believes they were ‘born in the wrong generation’
My reply would be to disagree wholeheartedly and to repeat my opening statement that I am very much a product of my generation.
Perhaps I see myself relating to more old fashioned ideas in certain ways but I will argue this over the comments section from my iPhone or via a snapchat so subscribing to that idea would be pretty naive.