The superintendents of this building are absolutely insane. How they keep their jobs is a true mystery. The building is filled with mainly older retired people. This husband and wife superint. team are horribly mean, rude and mouthy to these decent tenants. They don’t say anything to myself, because (I’m not sure) I’m younger and I look like I won’t take any garbage from anyone. I caught them mouthing off from a distance a few times, couldn’t make out the words, but then they clam up right away. Make me want to boot them down a flight of stairs.

There is also an older black couple in the building and the male Super kicks them around like dogs, then like always he hides it when other people come around. Just sickening! You can see the look on the older black couple’s face when the Super is nearby, they look like beaten children. The Super’s wife is now ill. After rampaging the tenants for years, I hope she kicks off soon. Disgusting couple, both should hurry up, let nature do it’s thing and fucking die already!