2nd drink in. …… yes I KNOW you don’t want to have a committed relationship with someone 1,000 miles away.
If you bring up double standard one more time I’m gonna throat punch you….. and what’s with the angry voice ???
And thanks so much for demanding I delete all your sexy pics cuz YOU are scared I am gonna put them on the interweb.
Thank you so much for the trust even though I sent you boob and puss puss le chat shots!
WTF do you want from me ? Quit telling me you love me and then act like a TOTAL DICK! Keep those walls up. Be alone. Be an alcoholic. At least with me you didn’t even NEED Viagra!
Best thing is happening and your totally DOING A POOCH SCREW! 💩Aaaaaggghh! 👎👎👎😬😬😬😬😬😬