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A friend being a bitch

A couple of friends and I made a chat group on facebook in which we could talk about mutual interests, movies, comic books etc., and it was all going well until one girl invited her friend; who acts all high and mighty.

I didn’t have a problem with her until she decided to delete our group because she doesn’t like it. She DELETED the damn group because she was angry.. What the HELL IS UP WITH THAT. It was a pretty old group, we had it for about a year or so and we had everything from embarrasing pictures and moments, reccomendations, funny shit; you know the regular best friend stuff. And then she went and KICKED US ALL OUT. All of that, down the drain. I can’t even start naming the shit we had there, and we were fucking devastated when the little bitch ruined it.

We made another group and decided to be nice and invite her back in. Only, after a month or so she got angry again and started kicking us out AGAIN.

Wash, rinse and repeat. Not even half a month later, lo and behold, she started doing it AGAIN. One of my friends kicked her out before she could kick us all and and we decided never to invite her back.

However… they suddenly had a change of heart and went and invited the whiny bitch back in, the same bitch that deleted a year’s worth of memories just because she felt like it.

She apparently doesn’t appreciate my suspicion of her, and neither do the others since she apparently told them she would have ‘kicked them out and invited them back’… Yeah right

I’m really pissed at her, them, and myself for getting so worked up about this.

I’m so sorry for wasting your time.


For you depressed people out there


God you are so Fucking Stupid


  1. Jimbo

    I was seuosrily at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

  2. Person 101

    Yeah I had annoying people in my life like when they locked me out of my house. Not joking. Well maybe she has a reason and you should ask why. Or maybe they can’t handle you because they are too weak for you

  3. AlwaysThere

    Wow that’s one of the most saddest, loneliest, low-life thing someone can do to a friendship. At least you are smart enough to acknowledge that the more you forgive her she’ll keep on doing it. Your friends aren’t handling the situation well, they should know that. I agree with Boo, part of me wants you to confront her but the other half doesn’t. But she’s right, since your friends think they can handle the situation so well then make them deal with it.

  4. Boo

    Wow, what a fucking bitch, and yeah your friends are being stupid.
    You have every right to be angry, and a part of me wants you to confront that bitch in person and let her have it, but then again, another part thinks you should forget them all and let them deal with her.
    you are so much better than them and more mature.
    Good luck!

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