There are times where I want to jump off a cliff because of school and such but this time it’s different. So today at school, I was excited to see my friends because I was going to tell about this thing that happened to me last night. I got there and they were completely ignoring me. They wouldn’t even look at me to which pisses me off. I decided to let it slide cause I didn’t want my day to be ruined by something pathetic. As the day went on, my mood just kept decreasing and decreasing. The fact that all my friends were ignoring me was bugging me so much. I couldn’t focus on my work so I decided to take a break and took a walk around campus. I saw one of my friends and she decided to talk to me about this morning. Turns out the reason why they were ignoring me is that they thought I was spreading shit about this new kid which was bizarre to me because I didn’t even know who the new kid was so it made me furious. The fact that none of my friends even bothered to speak to me about made me so upset. So the rest of my day was shit. AND to add onto that, my family decided to bitch to me about how I keep coming home late when they know that I work late. Then my mom keeps pestering me about getting a boyfriend which is upsetting cause she knows that I barely have time for myself, let alone have time for another person. I just wish that people are more empathetic and considerate. I feel like this world will be a much better place.