Once upon a time I had people who loved me, in turn they kept me informed when two of them decided to try something new together. They weren’t bragging about it, they just knew I’d be happy for them. I wanted to wish them the best of luck in their endeavour, like the great friend that I am. HAHA. Just kidding I don’t have friends that like me enough to tell me when they are embarking on something interesting and note worthy. They keep it to themselves and I only find out when I decide to ask.
Isn’t it great when people don’t tell you things, it makes you feel loved and appreciated. If they cared enough about you, they would have told you something about it. Even if just in passing.
But that’s “friends” for you, trust me it’s not all coffee shops and rainbows. They will rip your heart out of your chest, tear it up, stomp on it and then like the nice people they are put it back where they found it. If they truly loved you…… they’d leave it on the floor.