Ok, so my boyfriend is turning 18 and I’m 15 at the moment but my bday is a couple weeks after. I’m so sick of everyone using my age against me the biggest thing is because of my relationship we’ve been together for 9 months and they’re trying to use the age card i’m sorry that I have a late birthday but I’m about to graduate highschool and half the people in my grade are 16-17 even 18. All they think is be and my bf are gonna be doing sexual things when we Haven’t even done any of that but that’s all they think like do they Understand that’s not what a relationship about and that I’m sorry I chose someone 2 years older then me but I connected better with that person then any other person I’ve been with who was my age. I’m sorry that I’m mature for my age and I enjoy hanging out with older people like I just want all the age shaming to stop like ok I’m 15 but I have a late bday and I’ll be 16 in a couple weeks after that like I’m literally about to graduate. I really hate though that whenever I do talk about what I wanna do in my future they tell me I should stop and that they won’t help me because I’m thinking to far ahead like wtf I have to. 2 years imma be outta here I can’t wait till the last minute I’m not your little girl anymore yes I have a ways to learn but at a young age I learned a lot of things and its helped me boost in the future. The fact that they don’t want me to yet because I’m to young makes me so mad. Whyyyy did I have to have a late bday like whyyyyy and why couldn’t the person I’m with just be a little younger or I be a little older like ughhhh I can’t help my feelings for someone.