My step dad met my mo m several years ago and had been a ‘recovering alcoholic’ at the time. I had seen him out of his mind drunk in a few cases. In one situation he sat on the floor and looked at 6 year old me, crossed his eyes and called me a ‘bitch’. That was my first memory of him and it’s going to stay that way no matter how hard I try to get it out of my mind. Years pass and I’m now 16 turning seventeen in about a month and he’s started to drink yet again. He’s aggressive, cusses at my mother and has said ‘fuck you’ on several occasions. We have had to leave the house to ‘give him some time’ before We’ve stayed in hotels without food, stayed at friends houses without being able to give them details….the list goes on. I have never loved or even come close to loving him because of the way he treats people. He’s diagnosed with Asperger’s but that doesn’t give him any excuse to be aggressive and awful to the people he supposedly loves. This last fight was a really bad one. And I would be lying if I said I hoped it would end in divorce. I have to stop myself sometimes and ask myself ‘Why does my mom always go for assholes?’ My biological dad is long gone. I haven’t seen him in quite a long time but I keep his name after all. Because he’s at least attempted to treat me with respect. Regardless, I have to live with this poor excuse of a man. I’m a senior in high school and already have a steady job. So hopefully once I graduate I can get the hell out of here and stay gone.