ive had a really bad week. to start things off, i have tourette syndrome so no body really wants to be my friend,even though my tics are minor. i really have no one. im 12 years old, but ill be 13 tomorrow (1/11/18) and i used to sit all by myself at lunch. this week though i was fed up with it and i got a pass to eat ANYWHERE during my lunch period. so today i went to the library and read “to kill a mocking bird” which btw is really good. i know that at my age crushes dont matter but hey, im in middle school why not be dramatic over this topic? he keeps talking with this really ugly girl but idk if he likes her. she has a horrible personality, not to mention she looks like a witch. k i dont mean to toot my own horn hear but i think my personality is nice- im a social person whos also so awkward and i like playing my saxophone, i also think i look decently attractive. but this girl is just ughh. okay well i dont have much to say, thanks for taking time out of your day or whenever to read my rant. have a nice day.