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So, my sister has depression and had an eating disorder for a year. It tore our family apart and we all made sacrifices. I had to stay home while I go to college so we could pay off the bills. Now she is on medication that works but is STILL A RAGING BITCH! She says things like it’s my fault that she’s so screwed up, calls me fat, makes pig sounds when I eat, and said that she wishes that she could kill me. She said that because our Dad was depressed in college that he shouldn’t have had kids. Hurtful, right? She says something like this every single time we talk. But whenever she says something to me (like saying that I jiggle everywhere when I walk), even if I don’t say anything back, my mother goes “Now girls, why don’t the two of you BEEEE Nice” *bumblebees sounds*
First of all, I didn’t do anything, so why is it both our faults?
Second of all, I am 22 years old. Bumblebees noises? REALLY?
She is always going on about us “repairing our relationship” and I’ll tell you this, if my sister died today, the only tears I would shed would be tears of relief.


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  1. Anonymous

    Your sister is a bully, the only person to blame is herself not you. she kinda reminds me of my toxic friend who always blames me when things doesn’t work out for her. try to talk with her about it.

  2. Anonymous

    Disorders or not, your sister needs to start pulling her own weight and stop being so horribly abusive to you. I’m sick of all the excuse-making some people fall back on just to be as bitchy as they can toward others, especially when those others don’t deserve it. I doubt talking to your sister will help, she’d just find some other way to abuse you and then cry victim. I don’t know if talking to your mother would do any good or not, but she seriously does need to stop coddling your abusive sister. Because you and your life and well-being matter, too.

  3. Anonymous

    Aw it’s ok… I guess every sibling has their issues. I feel u and understand what you mean. Try talking to your sister and your mom just to tell them they are making you feel bad. Good luck and remember that maybe your sister wants attention or something. <3 Hope you feel better soon

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