(Repost, since I somehow lost all the paragraphs but the last one in my last post)

My husband can be such an ass sometimes. Sometimes, I think he waits for me to make a decision without offering advice just so, when I finally decide, he can say “wrong!” and feel good about himself.

His mom wanted to go to dinner with us last night. My husband wasn’t in the mood, so he told her we could go today instead. When she texted us today, he wouldn’t commit to whether or not we were going to go. Finally, he said he was hungry so I asked if I should call his mom . He said, “I don’t care. You choose.” So I called her. She asked me where he wanted to eat, so I asked him. He threw a plastic fork at me and said “I’m already making myself dinner.” I apologized to my mother in law and told her I must have misunderstood her son about his plans.

A few minutes later, my husband asked if I was going to call his mom back and decide where we’re going to dinner. I was dumbfounded. I told him “No, because you just said you were making your own food.” He said “Fine.” and turned up his TV show, refusing to discuss it further.

Now, about an hour later, he told me he really wanted to go to dinner with his mom, and he didn’t get to. >:( I’m so fucking frustrated. I think if he wanted to go so bad, he should have called her himself. I asked why he threw a fork at me if he wanted to go, and he said it was because I asked him where we would go to eat. That still doesn’t explain why he told me he was already making dinner for himself, if he wanted to go with his mom.