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I’m in deep. Deeper than I ever wanted to be. It feels dirty down here. Picture me as a strawberry cover in white chocolate. I’m overlooked by everyone but is good when you get to know me. I’m bad when you swallow me. My stem kept me sain and you snatched it right from me. I hated it. I didn’t like how you took me. I felt wrong. FELT- Because it became right in my mind. What we had was right for me. Muscle memory they always said. My muscles wanted to never stop remembering you. I never liked feeling until I was squeezed so much that all I had was filling left to come out. Now I’m stuck. I’m a white sheet of paper and I have no idea what to do to my self. Do I fold and become a fortune teller. Do I recycle my self? What about taping my self to another piece. I could die. Ya know like the color. I would say markers are an option but. I think being with you already left a (no longer physical) mental mark. I hold you near and dear to my heart. So close it hurts me. My eyes welp with tear at the thought of me wanting you because I feel selfish because in your eyes I’m already youres. In my eyes, I’m not enough for you because I’m not feeling what was once pried out of me. Is this love. AM I BLIND


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    what a cute lil poet

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