So i have this friend, (my ex-boyfriend) and i dont know what do to about him. He’s the kind of guy that has that sweet spot in your heart, but he’s also the guy that loves and craves attention all the time. We have stupidly dated a few times in the past, but he’s popped back up. We still seem to have this really intese tension whether that be flirting in our old ways or teasing each other, or bringing up the past jokes and memories we shared. My problem is, i dont want to put my energy into something if its just going to end like the last, where i got really messed up in the head. But i have this feeling of complete happiness and bliss when we do flirt, but in the back of my mind, qestions circle in my head; am i going to hurt myself, what good came of last time and are you just doing this for attention and reassurrance that you are adored and finally, what does he want out of this? I don’t know what to do, risk it for the biscuit or just move on but regret it later. URGGGGHHH!!! Or should i just have a little fun with it?