I am a mother to a four month old daughter. She is a very high-needs baby. She refuses to accept a schedule of any kind. She screams bloody murder the second I set her down and refuses to stop until I pick her back up. If I ask her father to help, she either freaks out the second he takes her, or he comes across as very annoyed that he has to stop paying attention to the computer long enough to hold her. Today he went to work with my grandfather for five hours. While he was gone, I washed so many dishes it filled both of the sinks in our kitchen, took the dog outside twice, took the garbage out, all while holding, bouncing, and rocking a fussy child. I got to go pee once while she slept for fifteen minutes in her swing. When he came home, he almost immediately went upstairs to take a nap from 4 until 7 p.m. (this is when he set an alarm to wake him up). This is all with still more dishes to be washed, dinner to be made, a dog to be walked, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming to be done…and a baby who WILL NOT LET ME SET HER DOWN. I haven’t had a shower in four days and I can’t even go use the bathroom. As I type this my baby girl is in my arms crying because I stopped moving (she HATES when I sit while holding her). I am exhausted and so, so frustrated.