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Annoying MIL

Ugh. So my Mother In Law (MIL) annoys the shit out of me. My fiancé and I are both in our mid and late 20s and up until he was 24, she cooked and did his laundry for him. My fiancé and I would fight about her over involvement and things would never get resolved. She lives 10 mins from us and finds any reason she can to visit on any given day of the week. She’ll still iron his work pants or wash our blankets or drop off groceries. What bothers me is she’ll come every weekend Saturday & Sunday) around 8am to drop off groceries or SOMETHING. I am a full-time grad student, work 2 jobs during the week and use my weekends to catch up on much needed sleep. However, my fiancé is too afraid to tell her to stop coming by so early because he’s afraid of hurting her feelings.. really? For example, she came over this morning around 8am (it’s a Saturday) and I was sound asleep. My two dogs started going crazy and barking (which woke me up) and my fiancé left the room. I heard her voice faintly but wasn’t sure if it was her or not. I checked his phone and saw a text from her saying “I’m outside and need to pee.” She literally came to our house to pee. Then she proceeds to come into the room where I’m sleeping — oh and keep in mind I’m completely naked because that’s how I sleep — and show me a fucking sweater she bought me. I’m half asleep, in bed, naked without my glasses and probably look like hell while she tells me all about this beautiful blue colored sweater she just bought me. NOT only that, but she comes back a SECOND time with my father in law to fix the battery in the fire detector at noon, so I can’t go back to sleep. THEN at 4pm we’re supposed to all go eat together.

I told my fiancé how embarrassed I was that I was butt naked when she entered our room and how he needs to let her know that showing up unexpectedly so early EVERY weekend is NOT okay. We’re not kids.

What do you guys think? Am I overreacting? According to my fiancé, that’s just how his mom is and there’s nothing we can do to change it. Oh and he’s too afraid to tell her anything just in case she’d get upset.


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  1. Anonymous

    You’re in the right. You need to stablish some boundaries. He needs to tell her to give you space. If he wants to be with mommy every weekend, he goes there, but it’s your house too and your time, so you tell him that no visits are allowed in the morning and that’s it! Stablish boundaries, otherwise she will keep taking over your life.

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