I know the NFL protests have died down, but I still need to get this off my chest. Soldiers fight for your rights that are described in the Constitution. That includes standing or kneeling in front of the flag. Trump has made it into something it isn’t. It’s a protest against police brutality, not against the president or the soldiers. People get all butthurt over the anthem protest, but still don’t get up and arms about the Westboro Baptist Church protesting outside a soldier’s funeral. If you want to see disrespect towards soldiers, THAT is the ultimate form of disrespect; not letting a fallen soldier be laid to rest in peace. If you even care and before anyone wants to take it up, my family on BOTH sides (mother’s and father’s) fought in Vietnam, Korea, WWII, and in the Middle East, so don’t tell me I don’t know what a military family thinks; I almost lost my cousin in Iraq due to an IED that he drove over when he was transporting equipment to the base. The Army states that any officer us swear that he will protect and defend the Constitution; this includes the freedom of assembly, speech, and to protest peacefully.