I feel like I’m forgetting so much. So much is on my mind but at the same time not enough. I have my SAT this Saturday and I haven’t been studying enough. I want to, so bad. I try to push myself but I just sit there hopeless. I feel like too much is happening. School is getting hectic. I have so much due and so many tests to study for. I have one tomorrow and it’s already nearing midnight without me studying for that either. I should. I know I should but I can’t. I just want to scream. I want to be that giggly fun person I was. I don’t want to deal with this, and my horrible anxiety. I can’t even talk to my family. Dinner at night scares me. I’m just a teen and my issues may not be life threatening. I know there is worse. But for me, I just want to breathe. Without feeling like it’s costing me too much.