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Are we truly unique?

Reading some posts on here, I’ve come to realize there are many people relating to things and each other’s problems- that’s great to be able to help each other out and share feelings but…
When we relate to several things, eventually a person figures out that they are no longer unique, therefore why are constantly told everyone is different yet we are also generalised into groups and category that strips us of our uniqueness?


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  1. A Pretentious Ass

    In my opinion, it’s not the interest or problem purely that defines who we are.
    It’s the passion you put into something you love.
    It’s how you deal with the problems that come at you.
    It’s the way you interact with others, whether they be a friend or an enemy or a complete stranger.
    It’s the people you choose to spend time with.
    Now other people may be very similar in one or two categories, but it’s the combination that makes each person truly unique.
    It’s the fact that you came from unique parents.
    That you had a specific set of formative events in your childhood that no one else has had.
    It’s not just the person that’s unique.
    Everything that happens to you changes you, somehow.
    It’s your memories that affect how you handle things in the future.
    It’s the time you were born in, where there is a combination of people on this planet that will never ever happen again.
    There are so many factors that go into creating a human being that is unique in all the universe.
    It is quite impossible for any one person to be like another.

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