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I hate being a fucking grownup! No one teaches you about early contract terminations! Like they haven’t had enough money off you already! I am so angry I hate this shit I don’t want to have to escalate complaints keeping references of complaint numbers dates and times! Why isn’t life simpler?! Yeah I went into 24 month contract but since then they have risen the price countless times. I was assured when I took out contract I could cancel after any price rise. But noooooooooo they are fucking morons so now I am trapped between being stuck with them, paying 238 or making countless phone calls trying not scream at them. Don’t grow up kids life fucking sucks. Who needs wifi any ways? I might as well pull my pants down and just bend over the barrel and let them ram my route up my arse! FUUUCCCCKKKKKK!


snoopy ass parents


waiting in vain


  1. Anonymous

    Lol, go live in a commune it might be easier for ya………just sayin

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously man cool down

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The place to rant