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Ross Szlag is an asshole. Forewarning to all future women that enters his life.


The women’s protest is fucking stupid


Husband is killing me slowly inside


  1. Anonymous

    Where does he live?

    • Anonymous

      You dating him too? Lol

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure there is only one Ross Szlag that exists in the US..which is why when you Google the name this is one of the first things that pop up.

  2. Anonymous

    Well I hope she notices sooner than later. He’s not a good guy to get involved with. Pretty sure he cheated on his ex wife too. And career overrides relationships in his book.

    • Anonymous

      Oh wow. He sounds like a really great person. Thanks for all this info though.

  3. Q

    What’s everyone talking about?

  4. L

    Can I get in on this?

  5. Anonymous

    I would have to agree with whoever posted this.

  6. M

    Hey yes we should definitely talk

  7. Needtoknow

    Hey.. i think we should talk, and apparently that girl up there should talk too.
    Comment back.

    • Sam

      I am currently dating this guy. What’s up with him?

      • Anonymous

        Hey me too

      • Anonymous

        He is a pathological liar and jumps from relationship to relationship. And bangs family members

        • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            He likes to get physical with a family member. He jumped from a marriage to an engagement and a month after calling off the wedding, he was on the prowl. Dont let his nice guy persona fool you.

            • Anonymous

              Oh wow…seriously?
              I wish I could get my friend who’s dating him to believe this.

  8. M

    lol we should talk.

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