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Atheist no one knows

I am atheist, I decided this a while ago but no one knows. I still go to church with my family But I don’t know if I should tell them, or just get through these years of going to church until I am old enough to to make my own decision to not go.





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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Anonymous

    Great question… always a hard thing telling parents their expectations of you wont be fulfilled.

    I have had friends who told their parents and they disowned them. I have friends who’s parents didn’t care

    It comes down to what you think your parents will do. But I’ll be honest with you. Going to a cult, ahem, sorry, a church just to save an argument is absurd. All religion is cancer on this world and should be abolished regardless on what happiness people take from it. Take happiness in reality, life and existence. Taking happiness in something that isn’t real is just the same as only taking happiness in a single tv program and then closing your eyes for the 23 hours a day its not on. I am so happy to help you through it if you want…

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