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Athiests/Humanists – Stop Being So Damn Egotistical!


Ok, so I’m a Catholic, and because I’m a Catholic, people think I’m scum and really stupid and uneducated and just run around with a bible before shoving it in their face. This is mostly what Atheists say, well, the self-centered ones anyway.

I have NEVER found an Atheist on the internet that actually respects others for believing in God. Everytime someone leaves a nice comment under a video/blog or something saying, “I hope God aids you,” an Athiest comes along and shoves evolution and the big bang theory down their throat.

Seriously, what is the problem? Calling Catholics uneducated is disgusting. My school has a lot of Athiests in it, and I’m much more mature and intelligent than that vast majority. Must I be punished for believing in God? Am I a horrible person? What is your problem? I love science, especially biology and astronomy, but I’m sorry; evolution (for me) just has too many scientific errors in it and is full of holes, and the big bang theory is constantly changing its statements.

I also dislike the way Catholics are viewed as these slaves to God; no, that’s not how it works. If you have read the bible or at least studied it, the 10 Commandments are a simple GUIDE and a good way to live your life – but you have a free will and may do as you wish; just don’t do anything bad!

And the thing about the Catholic church and the pedophillia – well, not all Catholics are like that. The reason the church covered it up was because of certain priests within it responsible for these rapes. It was coincidence they were Catholic – in another dimension, they could have been Protestants.

Athiests/Humanists may say, “but science is the most logical way.” Is logic always the right thing though? No. Science may become the next obsessive belief that could alter in years to come. Humans are just so nosy and have to know EVERYTHING.

But hey; I’m not hating on Athiests/Humanist’ beliefs, because that’s just low. I just am sick of Athiests coming up to me and shoving Charles Darwin’s Natural Selection studies in my face. My best friend is a Humanist, and we get along fine.

Glad I could get this off my chest.


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  1. Hayley

    I feel what you are saying. I have passionate Christian beliefs and I study engineering at a university, and I have definitely been met with hateful atheist beliefs. But then, as I walk around campus, some actual, literal Bible-thumper will try to hand me a Bible and say “change your life today, young lady,” and I’m like thinking, “I’m already Christian?? Is it because I’m wearing shorts? It’s hot outside.” And I wonder how awful non-Christians must feel when those people shove that in their faces. It’s like damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Lol unintended pun

  2. Anonymous

    DO you have a fucking problem with atheists? Not all of us are assholes and barely any of us do that shit. Stop making up a sob story. You’re complaining that atheists and humanists just talk about science all day. That’s not necessarily true. We believe in evolution, that doesn’t mean we talk about it all fucking day and night. Most of my friends and family are atheists and we respect all other religions, Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, what ever! We don’t care and we don’t have a preference. In fact, I go to bible study with my religious friends every Monday because I want to be respectful and I don’t fucking discriminate. In your rant, you say “Must I be punished for believing in God?” No one said you were. You’re acting like atheists and humanists are the fucking bad guys. We have our beliefs and you have yours. Don’t act like we’re trying to turn everyone into non-believers. In fact, aren’t religious people the ones trying to turn atheists and humanists into worshipers?

    • Anonymous

      You must be the 1 guy who disliked this rant out of the 70 who voted. And the OP isn’t lumping all Atheists into one narcissistic group. Don’t be so quick to take it personally. If you don’t believe, and are respectful, you’re one of the good ones.

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