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Australia laws a joke

Dear Government
the laws you make seem redundant.
after buying your law hand book I have found a lot of errors in your system.
YOUR tax law looks like a retarded monkey wrote it
( the monkey is still smarter than you)

here is an example of the how stupid you look.
in the tax law it is written like this

Taxable items

Means can be tax

NON- taxable items

non means not tax able.

in that section you claim that a house that is inherited is
I will sho you how to writ properly
you have

The non taxable heading in the meddle which clearly states that any bullet point after that falls into that category.






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    editing my post
    I will show you

    I have a neighbour who need his head stomped in keeps using a loud door for no fucking reason other than to harass me .

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