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Mum’s having a hard time getting a divorce to my dad and is suffering from not being able to go anywhere.. Her life is a big mess. I wish there was anything I could do to help her.


Keep your pity…


The fucking buddy escalation process and obeying processes


  1. Kourtney

    Por cierto, la apli de los paneles de tiempo es penrtceamefte accesible, al menos los menús, ahora tengo que probarla con un panel, que hay dos opciones que parecen lo mismo y no entinedo, obtener audio y activar voz. Amenos que activar voz sea hola, soy el panel, estoy aquí, xDD.Un saludo, y ya dejo de dar la murga.

  2. Anonymous

    Tell your dad how you feel, you might feel better and it might help your mum if your dad is part of the problem

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The place to rant