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Backpack Guy

We have this regular at work who may or may not be homeless. We aren’t sure, but he is incredibly creepy. I work at a drive thru only that some people can walk up and order at. Backpack guy used to be a regular. He would buy something and then go sit at one of our outside tables and do whatever he was doing on his laptop. Once day, he decided to apply to work at my store. For a week he kept checking up on his application and requesting to only work a few days a week for only nights and that he prefers to not work with women. ALL of our employees are women. My manager explained to him that he can’t request what gender he wants to work with especially since we don’t have any men who work there. He recently came back after hanging out by our back door for hours. He told one of our employees that he “won’t try to grab her” and then showed her a wad of money and said that women like how much money he has. She told our manager who called the police. The girls mother even came to watch the store as she closed up alone just to make sure she doesn’t get “grabbed” by this man. I close alone tomorrow and open the next day alone. I don’t really have anyone to go in at 5 am with me to open or 8pm to close with me to make sure I am safe and I don’t think the police will be too involved with this. I am absolutely terrified and really uncomfortable with the idea of working alone for such a long period of time, especially with what has been going on. I dont want to get stolen


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  1. anonymous

    I’m assuming you’re a girl, but don’t be scared of this bastard. KICK HIS ASS IF HE TOUCHES YOU. Like you said, the police apparently don’t give a shit so you give this guy as much shit as you can bring. Carry a baseball bat. Get one of those tin ones from the department store. Get some alcohol based pepper spray and a taser. The taser ignites a flame and his ass is smoking. I sound crazy, but I’m at home tonight still pissed off over the day that’s passed. I’d kicked his ass for you if I knew the backpack guy. Fucking loser.

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