So… i don’t even know where to start. I think i have a lot of friends, mostly males. My bestfriend is a female, i have 3 friend circles, but they do not like each other. It pisses me off because i have to always listen to them trash talking about each other, they also fight a lot even inside the circles because they are always calling each other’s girlfriends ugly and whore and it’s eating away the friendship, they also gang up on each other and might cause some injuries like wounds and bruises, there is this one dude who is always getting picked on because of his mother is swedish and because he is small. I can see that he doesn’t like it and the way they talk about her but he is not brave enough to stop them. I am a female and 2 heads shorter and a lot more lighter and i have also been picked on both mentally and physically. They like to call me ugly and fat and i have a 10cm scar on my arm because one of my friends wanted to know if a ruler was sharp and stabbed me with it. I have been through a lot but none of my friends never stopped and asked if i was okay, i know one of them scares but he also scares about what others think about him scaring. My close friend’s mother died some months ago but none of us even mentioned it, that boy never let us see his emotions and even made fun of his own mother. My dear idol died in december and when my friends heard of it all i got was ”good, atleast it’s one less of those”.
Some days i just wonder what the f*** is going on and i just don’t know what to do.
(It’s 3am so propably grammer is what it is)