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Beards and Men

Okay, first thing’s first, I don’t necessarily hate beards. I mean, a slight stubble or a slightly scruffy look if hot…

And, yet, beards irk me to no end.

I’m out here searching for the guy that I want to spend the rest of my life with and all I find myself doing is wallowing in my hatred for beards. Since when is this an attractive quality? Heck, my ex was such a hairy guy that it actually made me scrunch my face up in disgust (when we first met, he was clean shaven and cute).

Now, here I am, and I’m searching for a nice clean shaven man because, oh my word, please! I always loved a man with a nice handsome face, NO BEARD, and a smile that can do wonders…

Why don’t they actually exist anymore???

(I really don’t like beards…)


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  1. Anonymous

    find a black dude

  2. Anonymous

    Just become a lesbian and date a butch girl and youll have the best of both worlds for your beard free life.

    Leave all the hot hairy lumberjacks for me …

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