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Because ratty old tracksuits and t-shirts are soooo hot

So I have a wonderful girlfriend, she’s not the best looking girl i’ve ever seen or even slept with but she looks fucking stunning in a good dress with some makeup and nice hair.

She’s kind and supportive and intelligent but she has serious hang ups that are completely killing any and all attraction for her. Picture this, you go out for a nice meal, you take her to a fancy restaurant and spoil her, she looks great, you have an awesome time together. You walk back home together and you think “wow i’d love to sleep with this girl, the love of my life, this confident, gorgeous woman”. You start to make a move and she returns with “wow glad we are home, i hate wearing makeup, im going to take it off and get in my pyjamas, now let me cuddle you like im a lost fucking child”.

Is this some sort of cruel joke? Does the concept of sex and attraction just not enter her head? Does she not realise that there was some sort of magic in the air, that there was a mood? A flow? A fucking attraction to her looking so wonderful?

Because now all she quite frankly looks like a frumpy fucking mess, nicely curled hair is now tied back into that fucking godawful bun, black baggy tracksuit bottoms on and that stupid ratty yellow t-shirt she wears as pyjamas. Makeup is gone and we are back to the same old stupid shit again.

I just can’t fathom it, i literally cannot understand how she doesn’t consider the effect this has. I have never had a partner who can send me from 100% to 0 in so little time.

She says it “makes her more comfortable”. You know what? fuck your comfort. Do you think its fucking comfortable getting up at 7:30 to go to the fucking gym and work out? NO it fucking sucks but i do it anyway. fuck your comfort, fuck your insecurities, fuck you never being on the same fucking page you absolute imbecile.

Fuck you.




I dont give a f*ck


  1. Anonymous

    honestly if you can only love her when she has makeup on and is looking super sexy then you need to straighten yourself out. You should lover her first for the girl she is without the makeup and nice dress and her hair all done perfectly. You should love her for her intelligence and sense of humor not because you want to bang her. If your reason of staying with her or even getting with her in the first place is for those ‘perfect’ moments and wanting to have sex with her you need to let her go and find someone who is worth her while. Sorry but its the truth

    • OldGrumpy

      I don’t think you are getting his point. For a guy to see his girl dolled up like that is a big turn on. Then she shuts it all down. It’s like telling you about your favorite meal and how it is going to be made and she pictures of it and seat you at the table getting ready to eat it. You can smell it coming from the kitchen. Then you are told “no not going to serve it. I don’t like cooking”

    • Anonymous

      i completely agree with you. some people enjoy being dressed-up, some people do not. they are clearly not on the same page here.

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