So I have a terrible time.

My Mum and Dad broke up because my Mum was playing an online game of scrabble with this bloke. Dad thinks she was cheating and meeting with him, when she has clearly shown me that she has never messaged him, just played scrabble with him!!!

When my Mum moved out, she went to her friends, she had no money or anything really, so I said I’d better stay with Dad.

Not much stress and generally relaxing untill my brother gets back from work experience. He makes fun of me constantly, he enjoys upsetting me and everything I do he criticises and mocks. I say to him ‘leave me alone’ and ‘no need to make fun of me’ thousands of times a day(no exaggeration at all). So now instead of basic phrases like ‘Hello’ and ‘I’m fine’ his automatic response is ‘kill yourself’ or ‘die’.

So now we are under Dad’s crazy nazi-like regime, in which are rooms are regularly searched and devices inspected. We now refer to our home as ‘Cell Block C’ . we are being forced to send messages to Mum, that are clearly from Dad, which she knows. After these fake messages didn’t work…

Dad said we were going to boycott Christmas, and I thought it was a joke, but it is real, we are not having Christmas at all, no gifts, no celebrations, no seeing my Grandparents.

So Mum meets me at the bus stop, and takes me to McDonald’s, which Dad doesn’t like, as he screams at me, claiming I’m ‘giving her hope’

What the Hell!!!! This can’t be right!!

I then swear I will never do it again, but this time Mum makes sure I can come. After a lovely meal I am told I must boycott seeing her forever, untill she comes back, although she has made it clear that she won’t.

Rant over, life ruined.

Thanks for listneing.