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So, there’s this annoying girl at my school and honestly, she’s the pettiest person ever. Yesterday, I told her something that had happened to me and I told her, no, I made her PROMISE to not tell anyone. And guess what? She told my boyfriend and started to tease him. I mean, WTF?! That’s a really messed up thing to do. She needs to learn to shut up because I am sick and tired of her forcing me to solve her problems. So, thanks to her, my relationship is probably over with. Someone I LOVE is now gone because of some heartless bitch who can’t keep her mouth, OR HER LEGS closed. She broke up with MY BOYFRIEND before I dated him by saying, ‘I’m gay’ when practically minutes later, she started to like another GUY. Like, make up your fucking mind you hoe. She dated my friend, and my friend broke up with her because she is petty as fuck. I legit want to smack her into next fucking year. She deserves to pay for all the shit that she has done. She has caused so many people so much pain just for her own pleasure. She needs to get her own life and stop meddling in other people’s lives. She needs to stop being so fucking petty 24/7. I mean for fuck’s sake, she always tries to one-up me on everything. She needs to stop being so fucking annoying. She needs to STOP.


295 Dale cres Waterloo Ontario Canada


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  1. Robyn

    She sounds like a real she-zilla why on earth would you do that to someone i mean come on!

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The place to rant