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bitch sister

my big sis is such a biatchh
i blocked her number and she figured out i did but it doesn’t even matter to me
since all she does is ask me to do her stuff for her and gets mad!
she’s like the toilet’s clogged unclog it and i walk over i’m like??? wtf r u talking about
i flush it and i’m LIkE WHY were u yelling at me IT’S LiTERALLY FINE
it’s annoyin she’ll forget her keys and make me rush home and open the door or ask me to wait at home for her package
then she’s like WHAT DO U DO FOR ME
it’s ok tho i just felt like ranting i’m probably not going to unblock her for awhile she’ll just have to learn to do shit for herself :^)
or at least be nicer
LOL after my sis was bitching at me my housemate came out and was like
you’re so polite and you dealt with her so well


Why are you so irresponsible?!?!?


my ex friends bf

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  1. Someone who has been there

    Don’t go as far as blocking her number, change your own phone if she is that berating. Sounds like you’re in the right track so keep up the good work.

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