This workmate is really annoying. If she’s a friend, she’ll know what you truly feel. However, she still mocks me whenever I have problems at work. We’re still having training but whenever she has to give a comment about my performance, she’ll point out everything that can bring me down. I’m so stressed due to my problems in reading and speaking. I keep on stopping in the middle of speaking nor reading. I don’t know my condition and I think it’s a bit serious because it’s not just at work. I even checked it while reading at home but it’s still the same. They thought that it was just because of the pressure and panicking while spontaneously speaking, but it wasn’t. It is the normal way. She’s a long time friend but she admitted before that she doesn’t want being left behind. She always wants to be the best one and the center of attention. Because of that, she keeps on throwing salt on my wounds as we have our coaching so that she’ll look the best. I already ignored it many times, but now she’s getting severely bitch. I never wanted to be the best, I just want to be the normal one who can be good at something but I won’t boast around. I don’t like getting much attention too. It was just because I’m too down and I wanna cry at work right now. You can call me a crybaby but it’s really what I feel. Because on our job, there’s no room for excuses. You should just always have room for improvement. I hope I can still carry on until I cure myself.

If you read it, thank you so much for your time.