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blacks not so bad off anymore

well well well, well, well, look just how the lies still carry on, see how down troden the black races are in usa in a 1980s movie of fast times at ridgemont high. the black big footballer can afford a sports car at college. what does that tell you? please don’t believe all the lies we are being told about blacks being so down troden and whites having it all. your being sold a lie generation after generation and its abuse on white culture and fucking up white lives that matter just as much too. what did bob geldof do for england and white people, his own race? its 35 years old now or near to. what have black rich done back to help the white poor or the black poor? so annoyed by lies. see the truth. not the fake assing.


moving on


Pro-life men? Don’t do this?? Please???

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  1. shamon89jkm

    yeh, seen a 1980s movie the other day with linda carter as a drunk driver and they have the glorified elegant black nigro psychiatrist professional all la-de-da dressed up and we are supposed to believe that they are so poor, well someone was showing them that role of be a professional, you see it in shows with the clever asian doctor always emotionally in control and powerful , the south american lawyer in control. yeh, racism is a crock of a bull. but see any black bit will say and think they are worst off then any white. even the riches of blacks who are richer then most whites will still see themselves as poor and suffering slave souls cuz that is the only song they know how to sing. dirty black bit!

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