I can’t stand my feckless, inconsiderate housemate. How is it possible to lack such basic common decency?

She’s not great with the washing up and she’s never particularly quiet when getting up at 5AM for her morning shift (FFS do you have to stomp down the stairs?) but it’s that bathroom antics that really get to me. First off, the bathroom that we share is strewn with two dozen bottles and spray cans of various lotions and potions for her face, her hair (I count 9 bottles of dry shampoo? WTF?). Half of them must be empty, but I assume she’s too lazy to take them downstairs to the bin/recycling bags.

Fine, she likes a lot of products, I don’t, but then the bog roll – oh the bog roll. She was living there before me, so when the loo roll ran out, I took the initiative and bought more, because it’s simple enough to take it in turns right? Especially with a supermarket around the corner. Well, months go by and I’ve not seen any loo roll in there that isn’t mine. We ran out just before I went away for the weekend, and when I got back – NO LOO ROLL! Does she drip dry? Or does she just stash her own supply up in her room? I know she uses mine, because many a time I’ve come into the bathroom to find she’s used up the last of a roll (unfortunately I don’t always notice before sitting down). We ran out again today, and guess what? I JUST CAUGHT THE SHIT COMING OUT OF THE LOO, CARRYING A ROLL BACK UP TO HER ROOM! The CHEEK. I know I should probably just ask her to buy some but I barely ever see her (according to facebook, she’s too busy taking selfies and applying filters or whatever to do anything else).

On top of it all, she’s ruined at least two of my hand towels! Again, when I moved in, there was no hand towel in the loo, so I hung one on the rail for us to use (and you know, our guests, if we have any). Happy for her to dry her hands on it (the clue is in the name!) but apparently her very favourite thing to do is to wipe her horrible makeup all over it (she goes to work at her non-client facing job made up so heavily she looks like she’s off on a night out – the kind that involves flavoured vodka shots, pissing in the street and possibly a ride in the hooly wagon). I’ve tried scrubbing and washing them extra hot but these towels are still covered in nasty brown stains from her fucking foundation or whatever is in those dozens of bottles. It’s really obvious as well so it’s not like she hasn’t noticed, but apparently she doesn’t give two figs about ruining someone else’s towels. She’s even managed to get makeup all over my kitchen teatowels- WHY? WHO RAISED YOU?

I fucking can’t stand seeing her stupid awful selfies on facebook, face full of slap knowing that she’ll probably wipe half of it off on my towel later. Why should I have to hide my towels and loo roll in my room because she’s too much of a prick to share? Fucking stupid feckless inconsiderate twat.