Damn it. Deadline for my work is due today and needs my boss to sign it. Have been asking him yesterday for the whole day, and he even brought it home, saying he would look through it. Its due today and he still hasn’t signed it. Didn’t ask him beforehand as he was not in office.

I know he’s busy, but can’t he just spend 15-20mins looking through it? Worst of all, he just keeps saying “give me a minute, i’ll look through it” “Okay i’ll look through it tonight”

My task (that he needs to sign) is an external agency event contract and i can’t get myself an extension as the event is a day after the deadline – which is tomorrow.

I just can’t stand how he can’t say “i’m busy” or what but just gives me false hopes. I feel so disappointed, angry and frustrated but there’s nothing i can do?