Ok like honestly I know you like me.. or at least used to. But ever since you confessed it’s just so different. You care way too much and you make such a big deal out of everything I say. I can never joke about anything anymore without you getting mad. Like first of all, you’re not my boyfriend so why do you care so much about where I go and who I see. Also, why do you get so jealous when I find new guy friends to talk to like you’re so up in my business. You literally have no right to get jealous and get mad at me for talking to other guys when we’re not even dating. What also annoys me about you is that you’re always making yourself the victim. I’m a relatively quiet person ok I’m a free bird and I don’t care about much and you go and get mad at me for not speaking to you and then play the victim card. Like oh you think I’m not talking to you that much because I don’t care about you like honestly what the f?? If I didn’t care about you why would I speak to you in the first place? why would I even acknowledge you? It’s not like I’m neglecting you or specifically ignoring you. It also annoys me whenever I ask a question and you always have to give an answer even when you don’t know and usually end up giving the wrong answer. What’s wrong with just saying I don’t know. You know how much time I’ve wasted just because I thought your answer was right?? You think our friendship is fading. Well it is and it’s because of you. Because you take things so seriously that I can’t even joke around anymore. Because you always think of the worst possible outcome for little things like me replying late or me sounding sad/annoyed/pissed. Like not everything is about you.. I can be sad/annoyed/pissed because of other things and when I say don’t worry about I literally mean don’t.worry.about.it. Even when I tell you the reason for my mood you still have to think it has something to do with you when it clearly doesn’t. Yet you still manage to get mad at me and I have to be the bigger person and apologize because I don’t want to lose you as a friend just yet. Honestly once we graduate, this school will be of my past along with you because I’m so done trying to be nice, trying to be the bigger person.