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Boyfriend issues

So, I was friends with this guy for a couple months, and 16 days ago he asked me to be his girlfriend. And I agreed, because I liked him too. But since then, we have been arguing almost everyday about the simplest things, and he is the one who is always starting the arguments. And they’re all starting because he’s jealous, or sensitive, or overprotective. We had a fight because I wanted to go to a concert and he insisted I don’t because ‘boys would touch me’. It really gets on my nerves that he’s always mad at me and won’t let me do things because he’s scared what might happen to me.
Another issue is, we’ve never done ANYTHING. Literally, the farthest we did was hold hands and he kissed my forehead, but other than that we’ve done nothing. And it’s really annoying because I can’t do it with anyone else but it seems he doesn’t want me in that way. Even when I talk about things, as simple as kissing, I find that he looks for any way to change the topic. And even weirder, he does things that make him seem gay. Like, when I make jokes about seeing him with another guy he doesn’t get disgusted, he plays along. He acts like a girl, and now that he doesn’t want me sexually, I feel as if maybe he could be gay, like it kind of makes sense. Maybe he’s gay but doesn’t know it yet? I actually really like him, and don’t want to break up on top of all the fights and misunderstandings, and I know if he split he’ll want nothing to do with me. So i’m having mixed feelings about what to do. Maybe he’s the right guy but it’s wrong timing.




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  1. Anonymous

    Dump him. If he’s starting fights then its wrong. And if it’s just the wrong time then later when its the right time things will work out.

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