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Ok ok… so there is this guy… ill just say that his name is Steve (even though its not) anywaysssss…. he lives far away from me and we had this off and on relationship. Well he came to the town that i live in for the summer with his aunt. well the first day i seen him he was like “I missed you so much!!! I love you baby!” and then i was thinking in my head like yayyyy i have my first true love back… but no. The next day he screamed down the hallway “JUST MOVE ON ALREADY!!!” and then he told my friend that he loves my ex friend now more than he ever did me. And to think he said that he doesn’t want to hurt me but yet again their he goes crushing my heart. Wanna know why its called a crush? Because they always crush your hopes and dreams and crushes your heart faster than you can say elephant. Guys ughhh meeeeee!!!! Gentlemen (if there even is any) please stop hurting girls. if you really love us then treat us kindly. Treat us like a thin piece of glass that you don’t want to break.

Idk if words are spelled right i was too mad to even go back and read it.






  1. Anonymous

    eat shit, you dumb cunt

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The place to rant