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Well to start off. Me and this guy were getting really really close then we started to talk about being together, but then all of a sudden he texts me saying “cris” “this is going to hurt” “I need you to move on” I asked him why. He said.. “it’s because my friendship is more important then what we had” I asked “what friendship? With who?” he said.. ” it’s not that hard to guess” so I said “I’m done playing these games just tell me who it is (his name)” he said the one person in the world I hated… “Michael” my ex from like 8th grade. The reason I’m so mad is because Michael has been doing this since we broke up. Ruining my life. I don’t know what to do. Oh me and that guy that left me because of his friendship, we still talk but not in that way but, I want to talk to him in that way because I still have feelings for him. Like feelings I can’t get rid of and trust me I’ve tried. I love this guy but he doesn’t want to lose his friendship? Like ummm can Michael hug you the way I do? Can he kiss you the way I do? Can he love you the way I do? He can’t. He can only give you friendly love but I can give you so much more but that doesn’t matter.. I’m so done. But at least I got it off my chest 👌


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  1. Anonymous

    Maybe Michael can, and has. Don’t rule it out. And don’t romanticize him– he ditched you, in a not nice way. He’s not such a great catch. Look for better.

  2. Got Your Back

    Sounds like your dream man isn’t for you. If he would rather help a friend than his partner, he was never the one.

  3. Ugly duck

    Question. Did you and him have sex? If the answer is yes he’s full of shit.

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