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Although no one will read this it’s good to get it out in the atmosphere. I have to list annoying things

Getting dressed and people cancelling the night
Driving to your friends house to pick them up and they are still not ready they causally apologise

Driving around to your destination it’s closed but you can still salvage the night but that one friend has already made her mind up that she wants to go home and isn’t as spontaneous as you

People not understanding how frustrating it is to put petrol in your car drive up and down and then end up back where u started home!!!


Done With People I Don’t Care About


What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Rileigh

    Josh Eden / I just realized that you guys love MPM quite a lot. I could totally resonate to this eny.Artnd here is a little bonus : .Lol, good point there.

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The place to rant