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The reason this is in the religion category is because it’s getting so large I mean why do you like it it’s like a middle aged man who still loves teletubbies. Here’s how to ruin your day

STEP 1: search favorite movie/video game/hero/celebrity/book character
STEP 2: add pony to the end
STEP 3: cry


GAY PEOPLE (I’m on your side)




  1. Lexvihe

    I myself am not a brony however my friend is. When I asked why he watched the show he gave the answer “the animation, voice acting and songs are good I watch it for the talent involved.” He is a general cartoon lover. However I can’t stress enough that a brony isn’t ‘a teletubby lover’ a brony is a male adult fan of the show My Little Pony so do your fucking research.
    (Written out of respect for my friend)

  2. Anonymous

    Im not a brony…. im a pegasister tho…

  3. Person 101

    HAHAHA I hate my life now. I did cry I’ll never see hunger games the same way again

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The place to rant