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Broken rib

I was with my ex for 8 years and he was honestly crazy I went thru hell and back to end up truly hating him. He lied, repeatedly cheated and hit me so eventually it broke me so bad that I finally left. He is now engaged and has a baby on the way, I’m angry because the guy I have now met is even worse. He threw my mobile in my face and it gave me a huge black eye, he broke my ribs, he punches me while I’m driving and has even pulled up the hand break (I nearly crashed) he pinches me in public so no one can see him abusing me. The list of abuse is endless but I feel like my family do not care, I told my mum what he done to me and she still wanted me to live with him I feel so lost to the point I want to kill myself


Power trip


just fucking mad at my friends


  1. Anonymous

    hon, I’ve dealt with the same issue and left his pathetic ass 4 months ago. He’s now dating a girl he used to drink and hang out with.
    The bruises, crying all night, doing whatever he says, being controlled, the lies. etc…. I had enough of that. The cops got involved soon after, when my mom saw the bruises I was constantly hiding.
    I was so ashamed, I couldn’t even tell my closest friends. I felt like no one would understand coz all they’re programmed to tell you are “leave him” or “he’s not worth it”… you quickly realize that they were right all along.
    I eventually realized something was wrong with me a couple of weeks I was out of the relationship. I developed ptsd. And it was relentless.
    So, please… respect and love yourself hon. Even if I may never know who you are or let alone get to see you at all, I care. Because I know what it feels like to be abused like that.
    It’s going to be really hard at first coz we women have this mentality that we think we can change someone, or all else can be forgiven just as long as the relationship will work.
    He won’t change. Narcissists and abusers rarely do.
    Please tell someone about it. Someone whom you can really trust and rely on. You shouldn’t have to go through with this. In fact, no one should.
    You can message me on IM or skype if you need someone to talk to. Here’s my address I’ll listen to you. I can’t guarantee to be with you 24/7 but I will try to be there as much as I can.
    You have strength. He probably took a part of it.
    It’s time to take it back.

  2. Boo

    Please, don’t kill yourself. Don’t let your abusers win.
    I know you feel trapped, but you physically aren’t. You are mentally trapped. You can leave whenever you want, but you feel bound, trapped, like you can never flee. forget what your family will think of what your abuser thinks, just leave. If you’re scared he will follow you wherever you go, then tell the police.
    Do it. FIGHT BACK. DONT LET THOSE ASSHOLES WIN. FUCK THE FIRST EX AND FUCK THIS GUY NOW. They are monsters and you are a victim, but not anymore. Stand up, don’t take anyone’s shit anymore. Do not end your life, you need to live, to fight to achieve a life where you are happy with someone who will never hurt you.
    This may all sound cheesy but it’s the truth, I’m not bullshitting you.
    Fight back. Start by ending it, if he doesn’t like it and gets dangerous, lie and say you won’t, and then wait for a safe time (when he goes out) and call the police. Tell them, please tell them, they will help. They’d better and you are not weak for asking for their help.
    You can end this nightmare, but not by ending your life, but by fighting for it,
    Be strong, but be smart, and believe in future happiness.

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