I’m fucking done with my brother. I’m done. I don’t want to deal with his petty shit anymore. His attitude to the way he walks and talks, I’m done. His mere existence makes me furious. There was this one time I held a bottle of coke that I owned and bought in my hands. He demanded that I gave it to him, but I refused, because he was a jackass to me an hour ago. I told him he could buy his own and that the coke was mine. Apparently he thought it was normal if he ripped it out of my hands and attacked me for it, I was defending myself from being hurt and pushed his stomach away from me (Keep in mind that I’m a girl and that I didn’t even hit him to hurt him, but to defend myself). The next thing he does is push me even harder and he made me almost fall off of my chair. My parents told him to stop and calm down, then he plays the victim card and blames me after he made me so frustrated to the point that I cried an hour ago. When I ask him to share something with me, he doesn’t. He’s a stungy little prick who kept dissapointing my parents and blaming them for not passing his exam because he didn’t have the ‘motivation’. His arrogant attitude makes me loathe him even more. In case he ever checks this site, I want him to know it’s him. Fuck you, Jonathan.