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can a cunt save?

I am so tired all the time and its an effort to just wipe my butt hole after a dump off my mind. I am sick of going to the stupid ballet its so depressing and boring. that will end after this show unless things improve. I am bored over it and do I even enjoy the cruises. sort of but not being a party person I can’t get happy about a thing. all I do lately is buy extra food since the old bitch sister moved out. my mother wan’t more money all the time from me. I bought the ballet tickets and cruise. Things are gonna change. I am sick of doing the same boring crap and there is no love in my life no employment for my wasted ego. there is no fun or excitment or passion with romance to look forward to, no hope of a better life for house of my own or for those loser poor begging parents of mine to afford to fix their house. I would have to pay for any fixing here and I am sick of it. They have money invested and they get some returns and they are so selfish. they spend a lot on themselves, waste in food, eating out, clothing. how about saving cunts!


I’m sad




  1. Anonymous

    Is this slam poetry? I don’t understand what’s going on.

  2. Anonymous

    also I am so pissed off too. I knew as soon as I spent that money on something it would happen a good deal would come along. I wish I had never paid out for this silly course that will not give me work. $850 dollars for a 2 day losers course, and I could used that to take a holiday cruise overseas. we have never been overseas. and probably never will. people wonder why I lay in bed all day but what is the point of getting up out of bed to be abused , insulted and bullied and frauded. just tell me? and I hate this world. I just hate everything about this whole world.

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