So, as I’m recovering from a condition that peels off large portions of skin from my hands and feet, my hours at work are being cut pretty low as well. I get 15 hours of work this week, and my last check was enough for one bill.

I recently was severely screwed over by someone I thought was a friend and to top it off, my new roommate is deciding to randomly move out this December because they dunno how to function like a damn adult.

In short, Im broke, like I literally have no money to my name, I have to defer student loans for this year and probably default next year, I have 5 months left on my lease at my apt and Im screwed because I literally cannot trust anyone else to move in and finish out the lease. I have mounting medical bills and no insurance, and I can’t even afford to work food into my budget. I’m severely depressed and considering killing myself because why not?
Got nothing to live for and can’t trust folks to hold their word for shit.

I’m literally screwed.
See ya in hell one day if you end up there with me. I’m sure I won’t even be given a warm welcome in death.
Nothing is fare, and now I’ve been pushed so far into a corner that I doubt I can fix this.