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Catholics are scum!

Roman Catholics are thugs! Catholics are scum! Catholic priest and nuns enjoy terrorizing children! Catholic priest and nuns are freeloaders. Catholics are hypocrites. Catholics pretend to be righteous and holy on Sunday, but will stab you in the back on Monday. Catholic teachers are assholes. The Catholic Church is a criminal enterprise that has obstructed justice by covering up for pedophiles. The Vatican became an independent nation in a deal made with Mussolini, and later supported by Hitler. The Pope was an ally of Mussolini and Hitler. German and Italian Catholics not only enjoyed killing 6 million Jews, but also enjoyed killing other Catholics. German and Italian Catholics enjoyed killing 3 million Catholics in Poland alone. Catholics are bullies! Catholics enjoyed killing innocent people all across Europe. Catholic priest and nuns enjoyed terrorizing children in Irish orphanages. Catholic priest and nuns enjoy terrorizing children all over the world. Catholics are scum! Catholics are jagoffs! Catholics are thugs!Catholics are assholes! Catholics are hypocrites! I HATE Catholics! I wish death to all Catholics! Catholics are scum!


Terrible, lazy, pompous and awfully smug colleague I have to suffer each day


I’ve turned into Bitch Teacher From The Seventh Circle of Hell


  1. Robert Manfred schmitt

    I was a Catholic till I got a brain. Fuck all Catholics. I hate you for your stupidity Fuck you pope and all the bitch nuns and corrupt priests who tried to brainwash me. Fuck Jesus And most of all Fuck your whole fUCKING FAKE EASTER BUNNY GOD

  2. Anonymous

    I was a Catholic till I got a brain. Fuck all Catholics. I hate you for your stupidity

  3. Anonymous

    I am sick of hearing how there are “good catholics”, there are none. I don’t care what you do for charity, I don’t care what your view on faith and God and religion is.

    If you sit in a church and even worse, give money to a church that has institutionalized the abuse of children by pedos and then covered up for them and protected them… you are just as bad as they are.

    That goes for every stinking one of you catholics.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m a former Catholic who left the Church because I didn’t feel right about going to a church that was covering up so much child abuse. That being said, there are many wonderful, beautiful Catholic prople in the Church who do much to help make the world a better place for us all. There are also plenty of hypocrites in the Church who think they are better than everyone else . The former are humble and unassuming. The later are pompous and self righteous. The humble Catholics are ashamed to be associated with the hypocrites.

  5. Pat

    Catholics are fucktards. Google Marc Alexander Hawaii, and look at his current workplace supporting him, Hawaii community foundation.

  6. MT6

    I’m sorry to hear you feel this way.

  7. ab

    Two of my previous posts about my Nephew Brad I have had a change of mind about. I take back what I said on the last two posts that I posted. I guess I do not handle “rejection” on certain levels well and was angry. It is a new day today and time to move on with the next day.

  8. ab

    My nephew teaches the “word of god” to others, but acts like a complete asshole to his dad’s side of his family. He is the most arrogant nephew I have ever had. I am not to impressed with the Catholic religion especially when the people in it are jerks, think there better than others and so on.

  9. ab

    My nephew is a Catholic Director in Denver and he is a hypocrite.

  10. Anonymous

    Do you people really have nothing better to do? Meanwhile, Christians are out helping natural disaster victims, caring for the poor and needy and fighting for what they believe in. What do you all do? Sit on your parent’s PC and complain about it. You are pathetic.

  11. Anon

    May god have mercy on your poor and unintelligent soul.

  12. Anonymous

    they all need to die you forgot they are all theives too go to work fuckers

  13. Anonymous

    You forgot Eastern Orthodox Catholics are scum, but Muslims would win the trophy for worst scum of the earth!

  14. Anonymous

    Catholics are scum!
    Protestants are scum!
    Zionist Jews are scum!
    Muslims are scum!

    Which scum is the worst?

  15. Anonymous

    But so are Zionist Jews, Protestant Christians, and Muslims.

  16. Anonymous

    Catholics are scum!

  17. Anonymous

    God is a business logo.

    Religion is a corporation.

    The Bible is a contract.

    Your Preist is a salesman.

    You are giving up your freedom, your lifestyle, your morals, your true self.

    Having to be bound by rules and social views and being a slave to one God. Having to serve him by living a “good” life, where you a herded like sheep, controlled and used in every way. forced to die in wars, forced to labor away and barely live your life, forced to watch others have a lax life full of riches and poison.

    You can’t question God, just like you can’t question your government, you can’t question them or you are a traitor, hell bound!


  18. Anonymous

    Religion is just made from human a human psyche. They make these Gods up and stories up to explain things they are scared of. They also blame all their wrong doings on their god and make up excuses for everything.

    Religion alone is the cause of war. Nothing else. Just some pretentious people thinking they are right and not taking into account anyone elses beliefs and thinking the only way to solve it is to kill? Isnt that totally against what all religions say? It’s so hypocritical and stupid. Im an athiest and i see right through religious people and im sorry but there really is no god.

    A simple explanation is because there are numerous religions with numerous amounts of gods, not all of them can exist. Also everything has a logical SCIENTIFIC explanation, not just that god waved his finger and suddenly animals appear. It’s a bit more in depth than that.

    Another thing is that why do some of the most clever people in the world believe in gods? Surely they are clever enough to realise there isnt? It just confuses me so much and i wish religion didnt exist so that all the assholes cannot make money, rape and kill innocent people and blame it on ‘god’ telling them to.

    • Anonymous

      Never underestimate the power of brainwashing.

    • Keith

      If you ever really want to learn something, let me know. Right now your language and education is extremely flawed.

    • Anonymous

      This is the most stupid post ever. Are you… moronic? Wtf?

      “Why do all the clever people believe in God?”

      Hm, let’s think – because they don’t let egotistical athiests/humanists tell them what to do and believe that there is a better life after death. People can believe in whatever the want, so let them. Religion is not the cause of war – that’s mistake nearly the whole world makes. POLITICS is the cause of war.

  19. Roger

    Wasn’t Emperor Constantine who was a Roman after all, the one who got Christianity into the Roman Empire? What an unholy mix.!! A people who were so barbaric as to have gladiatorial games and inbreeding with their own sisters and mothers to birth the next emperor. No wonder we had the Spanish Inquisition. All religions are in essence, are just tools of people who want to control the behaviors of others. We have to be the tools of our own destinies ourselves.

  20. Anonymous

    Religion is scum. How can imaginary figures still be believable considering how much science has debunked them. Before we knew how space and the universe works, that these gods created 1 tiny planet and that is all they oversee. Whatever religion people follow they might as well follow barney as he is just as real and has the exact amount of power all these “deities” have to help/save anyway. If you believe in something you have never seen or anyone else has seen, then more fool you. Mormons seriously just make me laugh at how stupid people can be, the amount of holes in that sect is insane.

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