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So you know how some celebrities got famous from singing on the X-Factor or American Idol or something like that from the media. How come they cannot sing live anymore like they did when they auditioned without audio-tune. Like a lot got famous from the X-Factor and back then they sung a little good and now they need auto-tune to make themselves sound good and when they sing live, THEY ARE FUCKING HORRIBLE! aka selena gomez, fifth harmony,katy perry, britney spears, taylor swift, chris brown, jason duerulo, miley cyrus, kesha, jennifer lopez, adam levine and etc. LIKE IF YOU CAN’T SING LIVE, DON’T SING AT ALL!


bank accountant ripping me off




  1. danglewt

    i can’t wait to see some more comedians make fun of royals and eat their asses out. maybe they should have some more comedy and clown and other talent acts then just singing.

  2. dodooo

    i absolutely hate simon on that talents shows and boy george and katy perry and all the judges are awful people. they are fat rude abusive and who in their right mind would go on those shows to be insulted and sign up to shocking evil contracts. simon is so creepy. someone should hit him over the head and end it for him and us. we have suffered enough with these silly shows.

  3. disit

    i don’t know how you watch those shows. just don’t watch them. i think celebrity is awful now. they are all ugly and anything goes world where we have to say nice things about uses and takers and scammers and cons. its like the royal family, too many of them now.

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The place to rant