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Ex cheated on me after I went to a period of stress that caused me to have a serious drop in libido (during 4 months). We were going on strong for two years. Then she told me she hooked up with her best friend “but wanted to stay in the relationship”. Now three months later she wants to remain friends and keep close contact. I on the other side am like a freaking jojo. Good days, bad days. Currently on one of my bad ones:

Who the fuck does that? I was doing everything for her and felt that we had a great relationship. On a whim she fucked a dude and ruined everything. I am now at the deepest point I have been in a year on self-esteem and feel like whatever I am doing (succesfully training for a marathon, going for a master’s degree in my field, going out with friends a lot…), I am just not good enough and can’t seem to shake that feeling.

How do I get back on that horse and move the fuck on? “Time heals all wounds”… It is has been 4 months almost and people around me are losing patience with me, which I sort of get. I need to move on but I am stuck. I want to move on and put her out of my head! Rationally I know we were not the right fit and that I should move on but emotionally I just can’t seem to get there. I feel like I am running in circles and not moving forward one bit.

FFS woman, I sincerely hope you grow up fast and never cheat on someone again. Because that shit broke me to fucking bits and now I am left here, alone, trying to fix the pieces.






  1. Anonymous

    The easiest thing to do is to do things you were doing before you were in a relationship. I was in a relationship with a girl for 2 years who cheated on me with a guy she never met. It was probably the best decision of my live when I kicked her out of my house. I realized how bad the relationship was, started doing things that made me happy, used dating apps/websites to get back out there. Now, I’m dating again.

  2. DJ

    Same thing happened to me with my ex. Was out of work for a year due to an injury I got in a car accident. I was depressed and felt useless. She cheated on me and treated me like shit. BUT the way I looked at it was if she couldn’t handle me at my worst she never deserved me at my best. It took me a while to really get over it, but with due time and staying busy you learn to move on. Find a new hobby, work on yourself. They say success is the best revenge

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