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Cheating, Lying, Scumbag

WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE CHEAT?!? why the hell would you break someones fucking heart like that? doesnt this world shit on us enough as it is, and here the fuck you go vomiting on top of the shitstorm too? i fucking loved dyou with everything i had. gave you all i could when you had fucking nothing. no job, no money, nothing. and you do this to me the moment i leave for summer. i was telling you every day how much i missed you. called you as much as i could, texted, facebooked, instagram dm’d you, every fucking thing. im less than 2 hours away and i was going to visit you. fuck you. you fucking piece of shit. you are the worst. how dare you do this to me. i LOVE you. and you broke my heart, when you promised you wouldn’t. all those nights i coddled you, you’ll never get those again. this sweet pussy and the way that only i can fuck you are gone for good. you BLEW your fucking chance of happily ever after. fuck off, forever.


i’m not happy with my body but others are


stupid asian mother.

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  1. Princess Q

    Don’t believe all are like that but yes, stay angry and know any type of betrayal is cheating and you ARE worth more than that!!

    So sad to see so many forgive for such lame excuses for a pretty face body or low self esteem, know your worth!

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